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Assessing Large Class

I am currently teaching a class of 250 year 1 students. I would like to use some formative assessment and give them quick feedback regularly, but due to time, it is difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Another idea: We can allow

Another idea:

We can allow students to record their voice and post the video clip file to online e-learning platform to ask their questions and acquire our feedback.

Group 7 Students



Large Class:
Three effective solutions could be provided:

1). Regarding the feedback for group project, we can firstly provide training to our tutor to provide detailed feedback to our students. We can provide a detailed template in delivering our comments and feedback to our students to ensure their comments are quality assured.

2). We can ask students to submit their comments, queries and problems in a report, and then we can write brief solutions and feedback on their report. Finally, in a lecture, we can address the most common problems or issues to all students.

3). We can use e-learning tools platforms to summarize the most important problems and address the issues in their project or assignments. That will be an effective solution. Moreover, we can use FAQs to invite our students to ask questions and retrieve their answers. Other software tools can also be utilized (e.g., Google Chat, Facebook and so on...)

Group 7 Students

Me too

Me too

Hiya, I have the same problem

I have the same problem too. My class is 200 year 1 social science students.. it is time-consuming enough to cover the content without worrying about assessment, innovative learning activities and assessment. But I know it is good for the any tips?